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My 10 Favorite Science Trends for a High Performance 2011

With all the noise and competition in the marketplace today, it makes sense to look outside conventional areas for a competitive advantage. I’ve always said the biggest competitive advantage is right under your own hat: developing your mind. Here are … Continue reading

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10 Things I Learned from the Internet Marketing World in 2010

I had the chance this year to attend about a dozen events and buy products or packages from entrepreneurs who are following the internet marketing model. These entrepreneurs make their money through coaching programs, information products, and events, to name … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Boost Your Business Revenue in 2011

If you’re ready to have your best year ever no matter what (as my coach Lisa Nichols say), then your first step is to plan to do something different. Here are 7 things to consider doing differently in 2011 that … Continue reading

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