41 Social Media Marketing Content Posting Ideas for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Have you ever had the question, “What Should I Post on Social Media About My Accounting Business?”
If you have, you’re in luck because this article answers this exact question.

When you post on social media, your posts need to be concise and convey one idea in a small number of words. Even though Twitter has recently doubled the length of posts you can make on that platform, it’ still relatively short compared to other marketing media.

When you post, you want to accomplish a couple of things:

• Add value, usually through education
• Demonstrate expertise to build trust
• Build credibility to build trust
• Send readers to your website or blog
• Get readers to interact, take an action or get to know you better
• Listen for trends, issues, or opportunities

With those goals in mind, here are our top ideas on social media posting for accountants:

1. Tips.

A tip is a great way to give value and demonstrate your expertise. Think of what you’re always telling clients, and write it up. “Did you know that accounting users are free in QuickBooks Online?”

You can provide a software tip, tax tip, accounting tip, organizational tip, or business tip. There are lots to choose from!

2. Facts.

Share a fact that’s relevant to your services. “The soonest you can get your tax refund if you qualify for the EIC is February 27, 2019.”

3. What you do.

Share a service you offer and include a link back to your website. “We’d love to help you with your bookkeeping. Find out more: https://abcyourdomain.com/bookkeeping”

4. Who you are.

Share fun facts about you: “Any fellow Aggies out there? Class of ’95 here.”

5. Certifications.

Did you just take a course or earn a certification? Share your accomplishment in a post. “Just finished the Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor Online certification. Whoop!”

6. Questions.

Ask a question. There are hundreds of ways you can go on this. “My birthday is next week. What do you do to celebrate yours?” or “Have you field your taxes/sales tax return/franchise tax return/payroll tax return/W-3 yet this year?”

7. Upcoming events.

Do you have an event coming up? Share something about that. “I’d love for you to join me next week for the monthly NAWBO-DFW meeting.”

8. Testimonials.

Share a client review on social media. “Our client, XYZ, says ‘We love working with ABC Accounting.’”

9. Memberships.

Do you belong to an organization? Share something about that. “I’ve been a member of DFW Toastmasters for 3 years now.”

10. Statistics.

Share a statistic. There are plenty on the IRS site. “There are 141.2 million taxpayers in the U.S.”

11. Deadlines.

Notify your client of deadlines, but don’t make social media the only way you notify them. Not everyone will see every post. “If you want to avoid filing an extension on your taxes, we’ll need all your paperwork in our office by March 31, 2019.”

12. Connections.

A lot of people overlook this idea: Post links to invite people to connect with you on other social media platforms. For example on Facebook, post “Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CPAAccelerator” and on Twitter, post “Connect with us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandismith/”

13. Pitches.

Hey, you’ve earned it. Once in a while, you’ve earned to right to blatantly pitch your services. Don’t do it all the time though; people will get tired of it. “Want to keep more of what you make at tax time? Hire us as your tax preparer. Call for a free consult.”

14. Discounts.

Are you offering a discount? Let people know. “We offer one month free of bookkeeping services to new clients. Find out more.”

15. Blog posts.

Did you write a blog post? If so, send people to read it with a social media post. “Check out our latest blog post here: https://accountantsaccelerator.com/blog/

16. Staff members.

Post a fun fact about your employees. “Team member Jennifer is a rock-climbing guru. Any other rock climbers out there?”

17. Announcements.

Got something new about your firm that you want to share? “We’ve moved. Our new office is at 123 Fourth Street.”

18. Myths.

Share a myth. There are plenty of them in accounting and tax. “It’s a myth and probably a scam if the IRS calls or emails you. The IRS will NEVER call or email you.”

19. Holidays.

Wish your connections a happy holiday. You may want to keep it generic if it’s a religious holiday to be the most inclusive. “Happy Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. clients and friends.”

20. Celebrities.

Have you had your picture taken with a celebrity or industry leader? Post it!

21. Polls.

A great way to take you readers’ temperature on something is to post a poll. Facebook has a built-in poll for this. You can also create the poll in SurveyMonkey and post the link in all of the social media platforms. “Take our poll: Do you hire a tax professional every year? A. Yes B. Most years C. Some years D. No”

22. Trips.

Let your followers know you’re headed to an event, especially if it’s for education or networking. “I’m headed to the TSCPA Expo on Monday. Anyone else going?”

Facebook has a really fun feature where you can show a map of where you’re going. “Check in” at your current airport and select “I’m traveling to” and your destination airport to create this post. Then, when you arrive, make another post of a photo of the view from your hotel room.

23. Press mentions.

Keep a list of articles that you were mentioned in or wrote and got published, and share your news in a post that links to the article. “Hey, I just got mentioned in this Wall Street Journal article.”

24. Articles.

Did you write an article for your blog? Share the title and link in a post. “I just posted my latest article: 3 Tips for 2019 Taxes.”

25. Awards.

Did you win an award? Take a photo of the trophy, plaque or certificate or use the photo taken while you received the award and post it along with a little bit of background on the award.

26. Past events.

A lot of times, we have great photos of events that we just attended. Even though they are in the past, it’s a great idea to make an album or post a group of photos that shows you networking or having fun at the event. Of course, this needs to be business-related: no drunken beach party pics please.

27. Photos.

Speaking of photos, accounting is harder than most businesses to acquire relevant or interesting photos. If you’re at a client’s site, take a photo of you and the owner with their business in the back, especially if it’s a restaurant, retail, or manufacturing. They’ll love the publicity and you’ll demonstrate industry expertise.

Consider also posting team photos, photos of your office building, and photos of you or your employees doing volunteer work.

28. Conferences.

Take lots of photos at conferences. If there’s an exhibit hall, take photos of you with the software vendor representatives of the software that you support for clients.

29. Something someone else wrote.

If you see a post you love and relate to, share it. But be careful: stay away from polarizing topics like religion and politics.

30. Feelings.

Share a positive win you completed in your business: “It’s January 31, and we’re complete with the first big deadline of the year. Yay! W-2s and 1099s, see you next year, same time.”


Quotes are not as popular as they were a few years ago, but an occasional quote can be inspirational for some. Add a graphic or a background color to make the quote stand out.

32. Videos.

Videos are a huge traffic booster and many of the platforms have their own format, especially to do live streaming. So you could do a live webinar on Facebook as an example. But the easiest and most likely way to use videos is to record it and post it.

There are usually two steps to video posting. Use YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia to upload your video. Then get the link to the video to include in the social media post. Tell your readers a little bit about the video topic, but let the video do most of the talking. It’s super-popular these days to add captions to your videos as the default is to mute the audio. Captions allow your followers to read what’s going on without having to unmute the video.

33. Referrals.

A really cool thing to do is to ask for referrals. “Did you know we’re taking new client and would love your referrals?”

34. Recommendations or reviews.

It’s very popular for people to now post reviews of their experience with your business. You can do a lot with this. Share a review you just got in a post. Encourage people to post reviews for you. Send people to read the reviews you have online. “Thanks, Sally for posting your 5-star review of our business. We appreciate you!”

35. Jokes or cartoons.

Posting jokes can be tricky, but making fun of accounting and accountants or taxes is almost always a fun idea. Be careful about copyright on cartoons.

36. Memes.

A meme is a funny image combined with words, usually in all caps, that tends to spread rapidly on the web. Post or share these to keep it light.

37. Fun.

Anything fun is a great idea to post. Even “What fun plans do you have for the weekend?” will help people smile.

38. Gifs.

Gifs are images with a bit of motion. These are usually posted as a response to what someone else has said. For example, if some just posted, “I just passed my QuickBooks certification!” You could post a picture of dancing feet in response.

39. Emojis.

Emojis are symbols of a wide variety of items, people, faces, and animals. They are used to communicate, emphasize of express emotion. Use them in conjunction with any of the posts we discussed to make them stand out and be noticed.

40. Tags.

In almost every social media platform, you can “tag” a person’s name so they’ll see your post. This is typically done if you are replying to them or posting something about them. You can be “tagged” in a post or a photo.

41. Hashtags.

In Twitter, add hashtags which are keywords with a # pound sign typed before the word. #accounting #tip #taxday are examples of hashtags you could add to your Twitter posts.

Hopefully, that gives you plenty of ideas on what to post on social media about your accounting and tax business. And if you decide you want to outsource it, check out our Social Media Packages for Accountants.