Never Been on a Webinar Before? Here’s the Step-by-Step How-to Guide to Get You Trying Something New

It was 2011, I believe, when I hosted my very first webinar. Before that I was doing teleseminars, but I really like the video aspect that webinars brought. Hardly anyone was doing webinars in 2011, and the accounting professionals who loved trying new things – the early

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July 4 Flash Sale- Library Sale, a New Advisory Revenue Stream, and Complimentary CPE

Hope you’re having a wonderful 4th of July week (and happy Canada Day to our neighbors up north).  We have three special offers for you, good through Thursday, July 5, 2018 to celebrate our entrepreneurial freedom and independence. Accelerator Library is only $76 – 3 days only

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50+ Software Certifications You Can Get as an Accounting Professional

It’s not enough for accounting professionals to simply know their debits and credits. Having a deep knowledge of accounting software is also required, and software certifications help to measure that skill in individuals to some degree. Software certifications serve a couple major purposes: they help educate accountants

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34 Professional Certifications You Can Get in Accounting, Tax, Audit, and More

While the Certified Public Accountant will always be the Holy Grail of certifications in our profession, there is no shortage of additional certifications you can reach for. This blog post is my attempt to list them all in one place so you can choose wisely about the

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How to Whitelist an Email Address

You’ve just subscribed to a newsletter that you’re excited about and don’t want to miss any emails. What can you do?  That’s where whitelisting comes in. A whitelist is a list of email addresses that you can create. Placing an email address on a whitelist tells the

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The Ultimate List of Advisory Services for Accountants

When we think about the word “advisory,” we accountants might think of financial ratios. Advisory is so much more than that. It’s, in effect, everything we do for our clients that is not compliance work – work required due to government regulations and deadlines. Here is a

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Top Women in Accounting 2017 by Practice Ignition

Wow! I woke up this morning to this. So honored and humbled to be part of this group of powerful women. Thank you Trent and Practice Ignition for creating this list. This blog has been verified by Rise: R8d74779b79823af13b5a57d2e35038e1

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Ten Surefire Strategies to Jumpstart Your Accounting Revenue

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions? How do I get started finding my first few clients after starting or re-starting my accounting or bookkeeping business? How do I find higher-quality clients that are more ideal for my accounting business? How do I get

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71 Places to Find New Clients for Your Accounting Firm or Bookkeeping Business

In the accounting industry, cloud accounting is a hot topic. Accountants and bookkeepers are moving their clients off of desktop software and onto cloud accounting applications to reap the many benefits of productivity, security, and collaboration that these tools offer. This trend goes hand in hand with

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Eleven Website Updates to Make Before Tax Season Starts

To say that things have changed in the last year in the web space is an understatement. If you’re one of those who hasn’t updated their site in a while, it’s the perfect time of year to catch up. Here are my suggestions and tips for a

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