What Are Your Odds of Getting Your Taxes Audited by IRS?

Will you get audited by the IRS? Here are your odds, courtesy of the IRS and found in the Journal of Accountancy, Tax Matters, April 2012, page 59. If you filed your tax return as an individual in 2011, the odds of getting audited depend on your

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Five Numbers Every Business Owner Should Know

It’s true: the richest entrepreneurs are the ones that know their numbers inside and out.  But I’m not just talking about the numbers on the traditional income statement or balance sheet.  I’m talking about numbers that will allow you to dig deeper into strategically changing the profitability

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My “Stuff I Should Not Be Doing” List

I’m thrilled to be coached by some mentors that have reached substantial economic success.  One of the ways I have learned from them that allows me to reach and stretch myself to grow my business is by training the little voice inside my head to repeat what

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Nine Value-Adds to Command a Higher Fee

Want to charge more for your services? One way is to offer clients more value. Your fees and your value to the client should go hand in hand. Here are nine ideas to increase your value to your clients: 1- Offer a guarantee. You might feel like

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Five Tips for an Exceptional Customer Experience

You don’t have to be the Ritz-Carlton or Mercedes to provide your customer with a great experience. Just a little forethought and planning will make a huge difference. Here are five tips for your consideration: 1- Five Senses What does your customer taste, touch, smell, see, and

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Five Fast and Fun Ways to Get New Clients

How can we attract the most clients with our limited marketing budget and time, plus make it fun?   Here are five ideas to get your phone ringing more often and with the right prospects for your business. 1. Wear t-shirts with your logo. I wouldn’t have believed

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Anchor 2012 with a Theme

It’s 2012, and according to all of the experts, we’re in for a wild ride this year.  With predictions of the end of the world, political egos running wild, and a couple of dictators still in power who aren’t right in the head, 2012 may just be

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The Three Biggest Money Leaks in Your Service Business

There are dozens (and maybe hundreds) of ways your business can leak money. In this article, I’ll visit three ideas that are fairly simple to implement and may be some great goals for you to consider for 2012. 1. Multi-tasking. It’s so interesting how multi-tasking makes our

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Six Strategies to Give Yourself a Raise for 2012

When I worked in the corporate world, it was always great to get a raise.  Now that I am an entrepreneur, raises are replaced by increases in revenue and profits.  More revenue and profits are nice, as long as we’re not working correspondingly more hours.  So how

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Six Strategies to Stop Losing Business to Competitors

It’s rare that I lose business to competitors, and it’s also not an accident.  If you are losing business to your competitors, here are some strategies you can use to “become a category of one,” as they say in marketing. 1. Build your brand.  In accounting, professional services,

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