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Never Been on a Webinar Before? Here’s the Step-by-Step How-to Guide to Get You Trying Something New

It was 2011, I believe, when I hosted my very first webinar. Before that I was doing teleseminars, but I really like the video aspect that webinars brought. Hardly anyone was doing webinars in 2011, and the accounting professionals who loved trying new things – the early

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50+ Software Certifications You Can Get as an Accounting Professional

It’s not enough for accounting professionals to simply know their debits and credits. Having a deep knowledge of accounting software is also required, and software certifications help to measure that skill in individuals to some degree. Software certifications serve a couple major purposes: they help educate accountants

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34 Professional Certifications You Can Get in Accounting, Tax, Audit, and More

While the Certified Public Accountant will always be the Holy Grail of certifications in our profession, there is no shortage of additional certifications you can reach for. This blog post is my attempt to list them all in one place so you can choose wisely about the

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How to Whitelist an Email Address

You’ve just subscribed to a newsletter that you’re excited about and don’t want to miss any emails. What can you do?  That’s where whitelisting comes in. A whitelist is a list of email addresses that you can create. Placing an email address on a whitelist tells the

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Ready for a Change to Your Work-Your-Tail-Off Busy Season Routine?

The difference between accounting practice owners that make a meager living and those that are far more comfortable financially can often come down to just one or two skills that are easily learned. Most accounting professionals build their technical tax and accounting skills – far more than

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Ten Quick and Easy Tips for a Better Busy Season

Happy new year!  A new year gives us new perspectives and the chance to adopt new ideas.  That’s today’s topic. On Thursday, January 19, 2017, I’m hosting a complimentary webinar “Accountant’s Accelerator Sneak Peek,” and YOU are invited!  This webinar will help you identify where you might

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Five Ways to Boost Efficiency in Your Firm

Many accountants and bookkeepers are interested in finding ways to work less while maintaining the same or higher level of income. It’s possible when you implement one or more of these five tips. Careful client selection Once you fill your practice, you can become more particular about

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Why Process Improvement Could Be Your Best Business Success Factor

It seems that today, all the focus for business improvement is on automation and apps, and this is, in part, a good thing. Certainly the vendors in our industry want you to buy their app which will solve all your client’s problems, right? But there is one

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Doing a tax season after action review and our new superhero animation video

Now that the initial tax deadline is past us, it’s a good time to take a look back to see how things went and how they can be done better.  This is called an after action review, and it’s not the same as a de-brief or a

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Congrats and 16 Ways to Rest, Relax, and Reward Yourself

Rest, Relaxation and Rewards If you’re feeling a tad burned out right now from long hours during tax season, you’re likely not alone.  Here are 16 ways to reward yourself, feel great about what you’ve accomplished, and nurture and refresh your spirit: A nap You deserve the

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