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Why 2017 Is the Year of The Accountant

Accountants have finally arrived.  This upcoming tax season and year-end should be the best you ever have in your career.  Here’s why. I got my CPA in 1980.  (Yes, I was three years old.)  A few years later, in 1984, a movie came out that had a

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4 Ways to Shoot Your Marketing Self in the Foot This Tax Season (Especially If You Want More Clients)

It’s so easy to get behind when it’s busy season.  Some things can wait, but these five tactical mistakes will cost you big money if you don’t address them immediately. They might sound basic, but every week I see these mistakes repeated over and over again. Here’s

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3 Legs of a Balanced Marketing Function

When you think about marketing, you might immediately think of prospecting for new clients. And that’s the marketing that most accountants need. But once you get clients, your marketing is not quite done. There are two more very important marketing functions to consider. When you add them,

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7 Surprisingly Simple Strategies to Build Your Accounting Practice Without Being Salesy or Pushy or a Cold-Caller or a Stalker

If you are stuck at the same income level from last year and the year before, and you’re working harder and longer hours than you ever have, then I’d like to help. I’ll never forget the years I drove around town from client to client, fixing QuickBooks

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Are You Too Private for Your Business’s Own Good?

When you’re in business for yourself, there are some things prospects do need to know about you in order to make a good business decision about hiring you.  When you hide these basics, it can make it look like you have something to hide, you’re not serious

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Your Weakest Link in Marketing for Accounting or QuickBooks Services

Got a new accounting website, but getting no emails? Got new QuickBooks or accounting certifications but your phone still doesn’t ring? Got your business cards printed, but all those that you passed out at the last event haven’t turned into business? It could be you have a

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Six Strategies to Stop Losing Business to Competitors

It’s rare that I lose business to competitors, and it’s also not an accident.  If you are losing business to your competitors, here are some strategies you can use to “become a category of one,” as they say in marketing. 1. Build your brand.  In accounting, professional services,

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Five Simple Steps to Get More Clients

You may have seen my “Five Simple Steps..” binder; it’s a stand-alone product I’ve had for nearly two years and is the foundation for the Accelerator programs.  But wait before you flip to the next email.  Do you know the biggest mistake people are making within the

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What’s in Your Marketing Funnel?

You may have heard about the marketing funnel before.  There are lots of variations, and I want to cover it in a way that helps us examine our mix of products, services, and prices. The funnel can be pictured like a big “V.”  At the top, wide-open

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Build an Impressive Prospect Kit

If you’ve spent any time at all in business talking with prospects on the phone or in person, then you probably have a list of benefits or advantages that you like to mention about your company to every prospect.  You may have a very structured way of

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