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How to Stay in Touch with Clients This Time of Year

A top business priority is to make sure we keep the clients we have.  A large part of our marketing time should be devoted to strengthening and expanding the current client relationships we already have.   And there’s no way to better do that than to increase communications

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Do You Have a Client Welcome Kit?

How you welcome your new client can set the tone for a relationship that could last for years or in the worst of cases, just days.  Start out on the right foot by looking super-organized (because that’s part of why we get hired anyway) and making it

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Five Questions to Ask Your Clients If You Dare

If you and your clients have been working together for a while, it’s easy to just keep doing what you’re doing and not rock the boat.   You might not even know if they’re happy with your work if you haven’t asked recently.  In business, if you don’t

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Five Tips for an Exceptional Customer Experience

You don’t have to be the Ritz-Carlton or Mercedes to provide your customer with a great experience. Just a little forethought and planning will make a huge difference. Here are five tips for your consideration: 1- Five Senses What does your customer taste, touch, smell, see, and

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Eleven Easy Ways to Deliver More Value (and Charge More) to Clients

As you build your relationships with your clients, it’s always a good thing to see how you can serve them even better.  Here are eleven ways you can add value to your existing services which will enable you to stand out from the competition, serve the client

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How to Really Connect with Your Clients

I had a chance to meet eWomen Network founder Sandra Yancey a month or two ago when she spoke to the Palo Alto, CA chapter. She sat by me, eating her lunch. The program had already started, so we didn’t have a chance to say hello. Then

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The Extraordinary Extra That Bowls Clients Over

I recently met a professional organizer that helps people get their business and life in order again. She holds your hand while you throw out stuff you’d like to keep forever but that’s simply not practical anymore. The really good organizers even get you to the point

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Seven Tips to Wow Your Current Clients

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of sailing into the Yokohama harbor at daybreak. The British cruise ship I was on was greeted with much fanfare by the harbor police boat, two fire boats that sprayed six water jet streams each a hundred feet into

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