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Are There Really Riches in Niches?

There might be riches in niches, but there is a better way to grow your practice than specializing in niches. Instead of niches, determine the ideal client that is right for you.You might be surprised by how many you are already working with. Try this exercise: Obtain

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Three Service Models We Can Learn From

What can you learn in service delivery from three lawn maintenance companies? Plenty, and that’s today’s article. Chris Freeland won the Apple Watch in our survey. Thanks everyone for participating. Three Service Models We Can Learn From The three lawn companies I have hired since moving to

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Doing a tax season after action review and our new superhero animation video

Now that the initial tax deadline is past us, it’s a good time to take a look back to see how things went and how they can be done better.  This is called an after action review, and it’s not the same as a de-brief or a

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Is Your Chart of Accounts Stuck in the 1970s?

One of the value-added services we can offer clients is to align their chart of accounts with their tax form so that the numbers are easy to pull off at tax time.    But there’s an even bigger opportunity if we take a deeper look. The traditional expense

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What the Death of Data Entry Means for Accountants

Imagine that a new client comes to you with “the dreaded shoebox” of bank reconciliations, receipts, and bills.  The client is a year or so behind, and you are hired to get them caught up.  Do you take that client, knowing you’ll be swamped doing data entry

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Are Your Clients Asking for Mobile Accounting?

Mobile accounting has definitely arrived.  There are some great new apps that extend core accounting systems’ functionality into our mobile devices.    Let’s take a look at a few of them for small business. QuickBooks Mobile QuickBooks Mobile is available for clients using either the desktop or online

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Beyond QuickBooks Consulting

Many of my readers are QuickBooks ProAdvisors who offer QuickBooks consulting to their clients; you may be one of them.  Here are the opportunities I see to expand your client services in the area of QuickBooks consulting, or for that matter, any accounting software consulting. Accounting Software

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Beyond Bookkeeping

Every business needs to do some level of bookkeeping for a couple of reasons: 1) Various government agencies require reporting and payments based on the company’s results. 2) The owner needs a certain amount of information to manage their business and keep it profitable. While the business owner hires

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5 steps to providing profitable virtual accounting services

Want to finally start serving your small business clients without running all over town?  Wondering what tools you need to get started?  Wondering how best to talk your clients into changing, or maybe the “profit” part of all of this? Then, Sandi Smith Leyva and Michelle Long

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Payroll and Beyond

Many of you already know how easy and profitable it is to offer Intuit’s Assisted Payroll service to clients, especially if you are part of the ProAdvisor program or are an Intuit Solution Provider. Once you get a client set up on Assisted, there are even more

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