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Ten Surefire Strategies to Jumpstart Your Accounting Revenue

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions? How do I get started finding my first few clients after starting or re-starting my accounting or bookkeeping business? How do I find higher-quality clients that are more ideal for my accounting business? How do I get

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Five Ways to Earn a Steady Stream of Revenue All Year Long

Perhaps you’ve just come off a great tax season. Your bank account is healthy – the fattest it will be all year.  How can you continue your revenue momentum? Here are five ideas that will help you increase your revenue while serving your clients well. Serve your

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Five Fast and Easy Ways to Turn Annual Clients into Year-Round Clients

Converting your current clients into higher-paying services is much more cost-effective than marketing for and onboarding new clients. Here are five ideas on how to create a successful conversation with your clients without feeling like you’re bugging them. Education Everyone likes to feel like they are becoming

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Three Fab Freebies to Grow Your Accounting Business

The best time to acquire new clients is now, during tax season, when clients are most interested in their numbers. My first freebie gift to you is my “111 ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ Ways to Work Less, Make More, and Serve Clients Better.” It’s full of tips on marketing

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The Easiest Way to Increase Revenue in Your Accounting Business

The easiest way to increase revenue in your firm is to raise prices. That’s a quick short-term answer that can work year after year, except if you are still billing by the hour. In the long term, hourly billers have a more systemic problem to solve as

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Seven Things Accountants Can Do Now to Increase Their Profits for Next Year

Most of the year, we’re too busy working in our business — serving clients, putting out fires, and dealing with vendors or employees – that we don’t take time to work “on” our business so we can get to the next level. Now is the perfect time

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10 “Low-Hanging Fruit” Ways to Work Less, Make More, and Serve Clients Better

Tip #1: Email Signature Craft your email signature in your email software to look nice and professional with 2 marketing adds:  your tag line and a request for referrals. Here’s a sample: Sandi Smith Leyva, President, Sandra L. Leyva, Inc., Plano, TX  972-985-9129  Biz Growth Strategies for

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How the Partnership Model Is Broken in Accounting

At the recent CPA Practice Advisor Thought Leader Symposium, I mentioned during our annual roundtable discussion that the partnership model is probably one of the biggest sources of problems for CPA firms.  The most tragic loss is one you might not have connected with the partnership model

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Accounting Thought Leaders Tackle Firm Challenges at Symposium

Great to be part of this group:

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New Book Collaboration with Accounting Industry Thought Leaders Now Published

Entrepreneurs starting their own businesses now have a little more help. Start with a Profit: Best-Practice Tips for New Entrepreneurs from Top Accounting Industry Leaders is the latest guide to helping new business owners become successful. Editor Sandi Leyva, CPA, asked fellow accounting industry thought leaders one

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