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71 Places to Find New Clients for Your Accounting Firm or Bookkeeping Business

In the accounting industry, cloud accounting is a hot topic. Accountants and bookkeepers are moving their clients off of desktop software and onto cloud accounting applications to reap the many benefits of productivity, security, and collaboration that these tools offer. This trend goes hand in hand with

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5 Areas to Improve Client Acquisition Success

If getting new clients is a bit of a struggle for your business and you’re not reaching the revenue levels you desire due to too few clients, then the first step is to find out where the process is breaking down.  There are five main places: Client

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5 Ways to Attract Higher-Quality Clients

Many accountants serve clients with extremely small businesses that gross six figures a year or even less.  These clients are prone to being price-sensitive and often struggle with budgets and cash flow.   If you’re serving these clients, you’re definitely meeting an important need in the marketplace, but

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Seven Hot Lead Generation Methods for Accountants

When accountants think about lead generation, methods like telemarketing and direct mail might instantly come to mind.  (You might also have a really negative connotation of these methods, but if you do, hang with me for a minute.)  It used to be that in telemarketing, if you

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Five Ways to Increase Your Online Leads (and Avoid Those Time-Consuming Networking Meetings)

If you could avoid just one or two of those time-consuming networking meetings this year, would you be interested? One way to do that is to beef up your online presence with these five fast and simple ideas. 1. Tell prospects what to do next. Most web

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Five Ways to Get More Referrals

There are many great things about getting referrals.  First, referrals have a built-in trust that helps you move through the sales process faster.  Second, there’s almost no marketing cost involved.  Third, they tend to make a better long-term client. Unfortunately, many business owners take a reactive approach

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Five Great Places to Get Accounting Leads Online

Once you’ve gotten your web site in tip top shape, it’s time to let the world know about it.  One way is to set up profiles on the web that drive traffic back to your site.  Here are five places you can do just that: 1. Intuit’s QuickBooks

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Five Ways to Increase Your Referrals Without Bugging Everyone You Know

No one likes to feel like they are bothering their current clients for more referrals, and yet the best way to get business is to increase referrals. So how do you get more referrals without “bugging” your current clients? Here are five ways: 1. Clone your referral

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Five Fast and Fun Ways to Get New Clients

How can we attract the most clients with our limited marketing budget and time, plus make it fun?   Here are five ideas to get your phone ringing more often and with the right prospects for your business. 1. Wear t-shirts with your logo. I wouldn’t have believed

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