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Expand Your Accounting Business with Franchises

Expand Your Accounting Business with Franchises   Franchises are a great way for new entrepreneurs to get started in a business of their own.  And having franchises as clients is one angle with a couple of advantages to growing your business.  In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages

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5 Ways to Make Your Business Look More Professional

What’s your top concern in your business?  How does it compare to others? In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the AICPA PCPS (Private Companies Practice Section) CPA Firm Top Issues Survey.   Our Advisor Accelerated course starts October 29, and the early bird deadline has

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Need More Clients, But Hate the Idea of Selling?

Most accountants dislike marketing and selling.  They’ve been taught it’s salesy, greedy, pushy, or all of the above.  And in professional services like accounting, you have to be extra careful about how you come across.  The tough part is, even some of the value-based selling is no

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5 Areas to Improve Client Acquisition Success

If getting new clients is a bit of a struggle for your business and you’re not reaching the revenue levels you desire due to too few clients, then the first step is to find out where the process is breaking down.  There are five main places: Client

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6 Marketing and Selling Metrics Accountants Should Measure

One way I try to help accountants embrace marketing is to fill my training sessions with spreadsheets and numbers, things that most accountants love working on.  There’s a lot of insecurity around learning marketing, but when accountants hear they need to do some spreadsheets first, they dive

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Are Accountants Newsworthy? You Bet!

As a marketing channel, public relations is one of my personal favorites.  It includes getting mentioned in news or trade media and publications, having an article you wrote published or reprinted, applying for and winning awards, or otherwise being in the public eye for one reason or

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The Five Most Costly Marketing Methods for Accounting Practices

There are a couple dozen different marketing methods that you can use to build your practice, but they are definitely not created equally.  In fact, some are so ineffective and costly, that we really try to steer people away from them.  Here are five of the worst

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7 Components of a Marketing Plan for Accountants

It’s quite common for accounting firms (even the regionals) to have no marketing plan in place. The marketing plan might very well be, “get as many referrals as we can.” Or it might be a number for each partner (which is not a marketing plan). Or it

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Five Ways Small Business Owners Waste Money on Marketing

Small business owners have limited budgets for marketing, so it’s essential that they spend the money, and especially their time, as wisely as possible.  Too often, I see entrepreneurs costing themselves money and time when it comes to many of the marketing choices they make.  Here are

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Jazz Up Your Elevator Speech in Your Accounting or QuickBooks Practice

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