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Six Factors That Affect Your Pricing

How did you come up with the price you charge clients?  Did you pick a number based on what you heard someone else charge? (which happens to be against FTC trade rules) Or do you have an elaborate estimating process?  Hopefully, your answer is somewhere in between.

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Three Ways to Price Your Accounting Services

The most popular ways to price your accounting services are: Hourly Pricing. Fixed Fee. Value Pricing. The definitions of these three methods vary because accounting vendors and consultants don’t always agree on what they are. The key difference among the three methods is the basis or starting

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How to Get Your Clients to Understand Your Value

A couple of the questions that you asked about revenue-building included questions on “value.” We perceive our services one way, our clients perceive our services another way, and often there is a mismatch between the two. At the core of this issue is the concept of value.

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5 Ways to Add More Profit When Pricing Your Accounting Services

Why are some accountants able to get a higher price for their services than others? There are a multitude of basic reasons, such as education and expertise. But there are also several factors that are completely within your control and that will greatly affect your profitability. Here

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Why Offering Packages Can Catapult Your Revenue

I am super-honored to be speaking at the huge and spectacular QuickBooks Connect conference in October in San Jose, CA.  And since I can’t wait, I thought I would give you a speak preview of what I am speaking about in today’s article. Why Offering Packages Can

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5 Ideas to Reduce Client Price-Sensitivity Just in Time for Busy Season

No matter how small or large your practice is or how experienced you are, you’re probably going to meet some prospect or clients this busy season who are price-sensitive.  Many of you tell me you try to run from them as far away as possible, and others

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Two Steps to Easy Upsells

For those of you who have current clients in your accounting practice, this is a great spreadsheet exercise you can do to identify what I call “low-hanging fruit,” which means added revenue that will not take too much time or money to go after. Open Excel or

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How Much Do You Charge?

Some of the answers I have heard that accountants and other entrepreneurs use are: “It depends.” Tell them and get off the phone as fast as possible. “I don’t know.” “What is your budget?” Most entrepreneurs spill the beans about their rates way too early in a

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Are Your Clients Price-Sensitive? Maybe It’s You, Not Them

I hear more accountants grumbling every day about how price-sensitive their prospects and clients have gotten.  And they are right, to a degree.  The economy has caused even the rich to count their pennies, and the percentage of people who look at a price tag before they

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Nine Value-Adds to Command a Higher Fee

Want to charge more for your services? One way is to offer clients more value. Your fees and your value to the client should go hand in hand. Here are nine ideas to increase your value to your clients: 1- Offer a guarantee. You might feel like

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