Certified Business Profit Consultant

Business ProfitThe Certified Business Profit Consultant (CBPC) is a designation that identifies accounting professionals with the unique ability to deliver business consulting services in four areas beyond traditional accounting and tax compliance: revenue, profits, cash flow, and pricing.

CBPCs help owners of small and mid-sized businesses to:

  • Gain confidence and understanding about the financial results of their businesses
  • Train small business owners to take action to increase their profits and revenues
  • Price properly in order to meet desired profit margins
  • Learn ways to speed cash flow and reduce debt

The CBPC was developed to fill the wide financial literacy gap between what small businesses are receiving from their accountants and what they really need to become strong financially. Nearly 80% of small business owners do not know how to read their financial reports.

The CBPC is one of the best ways to show small business owners the depth of the accounting professional’s expertise as well as their passion to help small business owners succeed. Accounting professional that have earned the CBPC have completed a 9-month training program in accounting advisory services with a focus on revenue, profits, cash flow and pricing.

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