Diversity and Inclusion

Eight Billion Beautiful People

After visiting over 100 countries, our founder can’t help but be touched by how every single person makes a special, unique, and precious contribution during their lives on Earth.

We value and honor the ideas, discoveries, and beliefs of all of our employees, clients, vendors, partners, and stakeholders, and we celebrate the diversity of their backgrounds and experiences.

We thrive to provide an environment where everyone feels safe and free to be their own authentic person without judgement so they can thrive.

We embrace people from all races, religions, colors, ages, genders and gender identities, national origins, sexual orientations, disabilities, financial situations, veteran statuses, and mental health dispositions.

We are especially interested in lifting up historically marginalized individuals. Our focus is on supporting and promoting women in accounting, Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, and Lift Up Latinos (I made that last one up).