The Emotional Side of Business

The Emotional Side of Business

There are courses and conferences to help you build the technical skills you need to succeed in accounting.   Some of my favorites include the Sleeter conference, coming up in the fall, AICPA’s TECH+ conference held in Las Vegas, and the just completed Scaling New Heights, an Intuit-centric event for QuickBooks ProAdvisors.  (I am sorry I missed you in the land of the Mouse this year; we have a new house with real mice in the backyard and I just couldn’t see traveling to see more mice right now.)

But if you think about it, there is no conference to help you with the emotional side of your business, and there are plenty of times on a daily basis that the emotional side of business comes into play:

1)   Making a price increase or setting your prices in the first place

2)   Firing a client from you-know-where

3)   Delivering a performance review to an employee

4)   Dealing with the week you have no cash to make payroll

5)   Finding the guts to market

6)   Facing why you’re procrastinating on a project – because that’s a subtle form of a fear

7)   Getting your business started in the first place

8)   Calling a client that’s past due with their payment

9)   Giving a speech of any kind to anyone

10)  And so many more…

You might be asking “are there even skills for these things?”  There are.  Then you might ask “where are you supposed to get these skills?”  Or you might ask “do I have these skills already?”    Or you might ask “what are these skills?”

The Softer Side of Business

The business world and society has labeled these skills different things:

1)   Leadership

2)   Communication skills

3)   Supervisory skills

4)   Negotiation skills

5)   Public speaking skills

6)   And more…

And there are courses to be had on all of these topics.  But all of these skills are still not dealing with the core of the emotions behind them.

It’s how we deal with our emotions when we practice these soft skills that determines our greatness or our failures.   And that’s a different set of skills.  Here are a couple of areas of skills that help us master our core emotions:

1-   Resilience – learning to bounce back faster from setbacks

2-   Overcoming our fears

3-   Positivity – the study of mastering “happiness”

4-   Confidence –very elusive for many

5-   Stress management

You might not have seen anyone put it this way before, but these skills as just as essential if not more essential than learning QuickBooks.  Note that these are all hugely beneficial for entrepreneurs to be better able to weather the storms of small business ownership.

Emotional Mastery

Mastering these emotional skills and the emotional side of your business has nothing to do with emotional maturity or immaturity.  These skills are about having the strength and tools in your business toolbox to weather the more challenging “people” side of business without ruminating or brooding about them.

The field of neuroscience and other related sciences now provides us with an amazing body of actionable discoveries as well as a new robust set of tools, skills, and tips for those who want to excel in this area beyond what they know and practice now.

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