The Extraordinary Extra That Bowls Clients Over

I recently met a professional organizer that helps people get their business and life in order again. She holds your hand while you throw out stuff you’d like to keep forever but that’s simply not practical anymore. The really good organizers even get you to the point where you can park your car in your garage again for the first time in 10 years.

When she told me about what she did, I was just thinking how many organizers I have met in the last few months (several) and how in the world did they all stay in business, when she said something really cool. “For the stuff you no longer want, I put on EBay so you can make some money.” Now that’s a twist. And it’s her extraordinary extra.

I hired an individual to help with things around the house and to run some errands for me. It just turned out that she also had a background in nutrition. When she goes to the grocery store for me, I know she’s going to do a better job than I would picking organic produce and gluten-free goods. You just don’t get that in a regular personal assistant. That’s her extraordinary extra.

OK, now I have to make a confession. Since I am a geek, it’s just not a good idea for me to choose my own clothes, so for several years now, I have hired a wardrobe consultant. Although some people might think this is a costly thing to do, it’s actually one of the best investments I have ever made. If you add up all the time you spend shopping and dollarize it to your billable rate, that’s a sizable number. If you add up all the bad purchases you made that are sitting in your closet, that’s another pretty good number. On top of that, I had a few clothes from Nordstrom in my closet that I had never worn. She suggested we return them (which I would have never thought to do), and I got back over $100. That is her extraordinary extra.

I hired a VA (virtual assistant) recently. As I started working with her, I found out her web skills, which are not normal VA skills, were terrific. Another extraordinary extra.

What’s your extraordinary extra?

When you offer your products and services to your clients, what edge do you have that saves clients even more than they originally thought about? In this market, it’s a great idea to have one. So if you don’t, I challenge you to discover and create yours today.