How to Get Paid What You’re Worth Every Time

A Webinar Series with Sandi Leyva, CPA

Turn Your Current and Future Clients

(Even the Nightmare Ones)

Into Dream Clients

May 7, 9, 14, 16, 2019

9AM PT, 10AM MT 11 AM CT Noon ET for one hour on each of the dates above

Sessions will be recorded in case you miss one or have a conflict

This course will NOT be repeated; this is your only chance to attend live

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$129 through Monday, May 6, 2019, then $149

Why Consider This Course?

After a busy season like we’ve just had, you may feel exhausted, frustrated, overworked, and certainly under-appreciated. If your clients made the experience even worse, then you’re not alone.

Do you have any of these situations?

  • You feel your rate is too low for what you put up with
  • You’re thinking about raising rates but are concerned about losing clients
  • You have “cheap” clients
  • You have clients who miss paperwork deadlines
  • You have clients with messy paperwork
  • You have clients who don’t value what you do and you’d like to have clients that do value you and your work
  • You’re worried about what your competition charges or have lost clients to competition
  • You have clients who expect something in one hour
  • You have clients who don’t fully disclose
  • You’re worried about Intuit’s new QuickBooks Live product and how this new bookkeeping service might take away clients and prospects from your business
  • You have clients who don’t pay
  • You’re not living at the level you’d like to live
  • You have clients who ask you to do something unethical
  • You have clients who just don’t get it

If you do have any (or all) of the above situations, then there is great news and some simple-to-implement solutions for you!  We’ll cover all of these situations and how to get rid of all of them in your business. This course will provide new ideas and insight into how to finally master these situations with your clients.  I’ll show you how to turn your current clients into dream clients so that they pay you on time, get their paperwork in early, and appreciate what you do for them.

We’ll take your questions and solve your individual issues throughout this course. The methods I teach will work this season and every season, so the time you spend on this course will continue to pay back for years to come. The solutions will also work for current clients as well as prospects you speak with.

This is NOT a pricing course. We’re not going to suggest you change pricing methods. Instead, we’re going to teach several options for how to change the way your work with your clients.

You’ll learn:

  • How to present options to your prospects and current clients so that they’ll feel like they hit the jackpot to be able to work with you
  • What materials you can create to increase your perceived value, without changing a thing about your services
  • How to handle all of the situations above so the client feels honored and you feel good too
  • Lots and lots of real-life examples so you know this stuff works
  • Answers to your questions and solutions to your specific issues with clients and prospects throughout the course

Return on Investment You Should Expect

When you implement these ideas, you’ll have clients who stay longer, understand you better, and are happier with your work. You will have fewer frustrations and enjoy your work more.  Monetary return includes:

  • Increased success with new client acquisition – higher conversion rate
  • Lower marketing and selling expenses
  • Less bad debt
  • Faster receivables collection
  • Less client turnover
  • Increased employee satisfaction

$129 through Monday, May 6, 2019, then $149

Who Should Attend

Accounting professionals (CPAs, bookkeepers, EAs, accounting software consultants) at any level (owners, managers, partners, employees with client-facing duties) in public practice with any of the client or prospect situations described in the bullets above are right for this course.

Who Is the Instructor

Sandi Smith LeyvaSandi Leyva, CPA, CMA, MBA, and founder of Accountant’s Accelerator, has helped thousands of accounting professionals earn more, work less, and serve their clients better through her innovative marketing, training, and coaching services. Her marketing formula has generated millions of dollars for her clients.

Author of 30 books and hundreds of CPE courses, Sandi has won 12 awards for her thought leadership, including Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor, a Stevie Award for “Maverick of the Year,” and 2017 Top 50 Women in Accounting by Practice Ignition.

Sandi’s business experience includes management time at two Fortune 500 companies and serial entrepreneurship including running her CPA firm. She has served on several AICPA committees and volunteered on four continents.

One of the few women in the world who has copiloted a single-engine airplane around the world, Sandi has also backpacked alone around the world, visited over 100 countries, and earned a master’s degree in neuroscience.


Time to attend: 4 hours

Time to implement: varies based on size of practice and methods chosen

Fee: $129 through Monday, May 6, 2019, then $149

CPE Information:

Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Program Level: Basic
Delivery Method: Group Internet Based
Field of Study: Communications and Marketing
CPE: 4 hours


You’ll get these bonuses when you purchase this course:

  • Access to recordings of all sessions in case you want to view it again
  • PowerPoint slide handouts of each session you can download
  • Checklists, templates, and scripts to speed your implementation
  • 4 CPE for those who qualify and listen live


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This course will not be repeated again this year, so this is your only chance to listen live.

$129 through Monday, May 6, 2019, then $149