Pricing Toolbox: Master the Skills of Pricing and Negotiation and
Give Yourself a Raise

Do you feel like your accounting and tax service prices are too low?

Do you feel pressured to stop hourly pricing or to adopt value pricing?

Do you want to be able to negotiate a higher price with your accounting clients and prospects?

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Over the years, we’ve presented several tips-packed, practical sessions on pricing: how to raise rates, how to implement package pricing, everything about value pricing, how to move beyond compliance work, and more.

We’ve now consolidated these sessions into a new comprehensive product:  Pricing Toolbox.  If you need to build your pricing skills so you can get what you’re worth, then this product bundle is perfect for you.  Here’s what you get:

  • Two ebooks on Pricing, Packaging and Positioning and The Irresistable Accounting Service.
  • Ten webinar recordings:
    • Give Yourself a Raise (2 hours)
    • Transitioning Current Clients (audio only)
    • From Bookkeeper to Business Advisor
    • How to Negotiate the Best Price with Your Accounting Prospects and Clients
    • How to Implement Value Pricing in Your Accounting Practice
    • How to Implement Package Pricing in Your Accounting Practice
    • Value Pricing Deep Dive
    • Value Pricing the Micro Client
    • Package Possibilities for Your Service, Step by Step
  • Two handouts
    • Sample Price Increase Letter
    • Sample Services Proposal

All of these sessions are in the Accelerator Library, so if you already have access to the 2018 Library, you can access them right now. There is no CPE available with this product.

If you don’t have the Library and need to build your pricing skills, this is the perfect product for you. The payback potential on Pricing Toolbox is huge. If your services are underpriced, you’ll get your investment back several times over with your next price increase, and this course will give you the skills you need.

You’ll learn powerful ideas about what to say and how to communicate your value to your prospects so you can not only charge and collect what you’re worth, but also elevate your status in your client’s eyes.

$87 (Unlimited access)