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111 “Low-Hanging Fruit” Ways to Work Less, Make More, and Serve Clients Better

111 “Low-Hanging Fruit” Ways to Work Less, Make More, and Serve Clients Better

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Digital PDF, 33 pages

This ebook gets right to the point and offers the reader 111 action tasks that are designed to get accountants business.


The low-hanging fruit is always the easiest to pluck right off the fruit tree. It takes far less effort than climbing to the branches farther up the tree. In business, low-hanging fruit is all around us, if only we knew what to do and where to look. This ebook helps you do just that.

This book is short, but don’t be deceived. You will be busy implementing for quite a while. And the good news is there are 111 ideas, so you can be choosy about which ones you want to implement and which ones you want to skip, while still getting great results. Do a dozen of these, and you will get business. Do more than that and your practice will be full.

Who Will Benefit

This ebook is ideal for people who don’t need the “why,” the theory, or a big complex plan before they act. This is a “tell-me-what-to-do-to-get-cash-in-the-door-fast” kind of book. This is a “just do it” type of book full of tactical advice.


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