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3 Hot Pricing Strategies: Negotiation, Value Pricing, Package Pricing

3 Hot Pricing Strategies: Negotiation, Value Pricing, Package Pricing

3 1-hour videos, slides,
transcripts, and sample proposal


If you’ve been settling for a lower price out of fear, lack of confidence, or simply not knowing what to say or do, it’s time to boost your negotiation and pricing skills with these three video sessions.


This product includes a triple play of 3 hot pricing topics. You get three videos, the PowerPoint slides, transcripts, and a sample proposal handout.

How to Negotiate the Best Price with Your Accounting Prospects and Clients

You’ve been asking us for a course on negotiation, and we’re delivering! Negotiation skills are essential for accounting practice owners; you’ll use them when acquiring clients, when hiring, when bringing on a partner or merging with other firms, and when you create your exit strategy. Poor negotiation skills lead to bad deals, lots of money left on the table, underpricing, and caving in on deals that could have gotten you more money.

You’ll learn:

  • How to overcome the 3 biggest mistakes that we see accountants making in negotiations
  • Three tools that will rock your world when it comes to getting your price
  • Several tips on the mindset side of negotiations, including how to handle the pressure of a big deal as well as rejection and loss

How to Implement Value Pricing in Your Accounting Practice

Value pricing is the ultimate achievement in pricing, yet few accounting firms are executing well in this lucrative area. Learn what value pricing is and when it can be used. Learn how to implement it in your firm so you can start reaping the rewards.

You’ll learn:

  • The definition of value pricing and when it should and should not be used
  • How a few accounting leaders have mis-implemented it and spread unnecessary fear about this method
  • A multi-step proposal process using value pricing so you can learn how to communicate it to clients

How to Implement Package Pricing in Your Accounting Practice

Accounting firms are definitely moving away from hourly fees and moving toward pricing by package or project. Learn how to transition from hourly pricing to package pricing and begin to develop your very first packages.

You’ll learn:

  • Exactly where to start first so you don’t “lose your shirt”
  • A formula for creating packages for one of your services
  • How to present your packages visually to your clients


There is no CPE for this course.

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