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Melt Your Stress: 32 Science-Based Strategies to Boost Your Health and Happiness

Melt Your Stress: 32 Science-Based Strategies to Boost Your Health and Happiness


Science-based, fast-to-implement, drug-free strategies, tips, and tools to live healthier and happier



  • Dozens of powerful stress-busting solutionsthat won’t break your schedule or your budget.
  • A multi-prong approach where we tackle stress in 5 areas of your lifeso that you can get long-term relief and not just a BAND-AID®.
  • 12 tools that will show you how to move from simply surviving to thriving.
  • My VIP coaching clients’ #1 favorite stress-busting tool. This one tool alone is worth the price of the book.
  • 9 solutions from a new area of brain sciencethat hardly anyone has heard about and everyone is still doing the hard way.
  • 3 eye-opening exercisesthat will bring you ah-ha’s for weeks and give you more control over your stress than you ever thought possible.
  • 3 new ideas on taming that critical inner voicewe all have.
  • 5 fresh approaches to self-care, without the big price tag.
  • Why some of the things people do to de-stress actually make it worse, and what those are so you can cross them off the list.
  • Literally hundreds of great, effective ideasso you don’t have to stress out thinking about having to de-stress!

Start de-stressing your business and get the success and prosperity you deserve, now.

Who Will Benefit

People who want to:

  • Get on with your life and business without feeling stressed all the time
  • Learn some fast (some take no extra time at all!), low-cost (many are free), and even fun science-based activities and tips to reduce your stress
  • Know you have many more solutions beyond yoga and meditation that you can use to reduce stress for you and your family
  • Get tips on how to sleep better, think clearer, and boost your energy


“Just wanted to tell you that I have been listening every night to the meditation tape you made for me. I am sleeping sooooo much better! Thanks so much for your talent and caring!” —Lynn Moore

“I have seen the destructive effects of stress at its worst and you don’t want to go there. I have also seen Sandi – always calm as a cucumber – even in some high-stress business meetings. Trust me when I say you need the Kool-Aid she’s drinking! It’s a no-brainer to buy this book. Just do it and watch yourself get your life back.” —JJ Virgin, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, www.jjvirgin.com

“Beyond stress reduction, this book is a “how to” manual on how to live a rich and peaceful life. Sandi has hit the nail on the head with insights and exercises that can be used in the moment when you need them most. This book is a must-have for anyone who desires to transform their life in simple, easy steps.” —Kendall SummerHawk, Founder, International Association of Women in Business Coaching, Creator of the Money Breakthrough Method, www.KendallSummerHawk.com

“When I read the impact that stress has on our children in Sandi’s book…I knew right then that everyone needed to get their hands on Sandi’s 30 Days to a Stress-Free Life. Every page is packed full of stress relieving remedies. After implementing just ONE of her tips… my husband and I have experienced a better value perception of ourselves. Sandi has provided clear answers and easy solutions to live in the stress free zone. It does not matter if you have been battling fear and worry for years. Give yourself 30 days to follow Sandi’s recommendations and you will live a happier life and be a better person for your business and the people you love. Thank you Sandi for taking this difficult subject and making it so easy that even a child can understand.”—Kiyla Fenell

“Sandi is both completely engaging and incredibly bright. Her creativity just seeps into every encounter. I like to just listen to her conversations because I always walk away with really good ideas that are easily implementable.”—Lin O’Neill, Futures Consulting

“Sandi is a genius. Her credentials are outstanding and her abilities stretch far beyond the eye can see. When Sandi puts something together you know that it will deliver exactly what it says and more. Her methods are exacting, her knowledge is impressive and extensive. This lady has got to be one of the most talented people I have met, yet so unassuming and modest. You will definitely get more than you expect from this book.” —Anne Wilson


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