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Staffing Accelerated

Staffing Accelerated

3 1-hour Webinar Videos,
PowerPoints and Handouts


Time Saved, Risks Reduced, Mistakes Avoided
A bad hire can cost you thousands of dollars and put a small business at risk. You can avoid all that worry with the information in this course. You’ll save hours of learning curve, process, and forms.


This 3-video series was part of the 2014 Accountant’s Accelerator program and is now available as a stand-alone product. It includes:

  1. Creating Your Staffing Plan video, which will help you who to hire so you get the right skill set from the start along with the best financial leverage to ease your cash flow into getting used to paying a team.
  2. Hiring Superstars video, where you’ll learn a fast way to hire reliable and dedicated employees who will be excited to meet your business goals.
  3. Onboarding and Supervising Your Staff, to get your new team started on the right foot.
  4. Handouts galore:
    a. Sample job ads
    b. Sample job descriptions
    c. Sample interview questions
    d. Sample offer letter and supplemental agreement
    e. Staffing checklist
  5. PowerPoints, Video, MP3, and transcripts for each video.

Please note this course is completely digital and we do not at any time offer legal advice.

Video Descriptions

Creating Your Staffing Plan

Many of you are excited to be developing your 1-person office into a business with staff where you are fully supported. Whether you are thinking about hiring your first assistant or your fourth, a staffing plan is a good idea! We’ll present an invaluable exercise to help you determine who you need to support you as well as the options you have when it comes to building your team.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Define what your ideal support team should look like
  • List the options you have when it comes to bringing on your team members
  • Know how to determine who you need to hire first or next

Hiring Superstars

If you’ve had any hiring failures, you’re not alone. It’s just not that easy to find the best people. Hiring the wrong person can almost bankrupt a small business; we just can’t afford to make a bad hire. I’ll share with you my hiring process that will help keep the risks low and potential for success high.
After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe how to write a job description and job ad for your new position
  • Define a time-saving, three-step job interview process you can use
  • Know what tests you can give the applicants and where you can find them

Onboarding and Supervising Your Staff

Once you’ve found your superstar staff, start them out on the right foot with great training, a motivating compensation package, and regular feedback.
After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe how to create a bonus-driven compensation package
  • List the processes you need to put in place to help them succeed
  • Define how to conduct a performance review

Who Will Benefit

This course is designed for accountants and bookkeepers who are starting to hire or do not have a systematic way to hire staff.


“I am so glad you recommended the staffing workshop for me – I needed this. It was like “windex” clearing the foggy glass in my mind, helping me to see/think with clarity. What a God-sent pick-me-up!” — D.M. CPA, EA

“Sandi has helped me clarify my staffing needs and hiring process, improve my time management, learn how to improve my marketing systems and much much more. I highly recommend her.” — Suzanne Conrad, Owner, Suzanne W. Conrad, CPA

“I’ve grown and my business has grown in many ways by implementing many of Sandi’s suggestions…Hiring two new team members was not something I thought I would do going into this program. Hiring them both has freed me up so much. I am now working 50% less in my business and using that time to work on my business.” — Jill Frillman, Bookkeeping Etc., Inc.


There is no CPE for this product.

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