Are you ready for an Elite business growth experience?

Are you looking for a private, exclusive business growth program that will support you in propelling your accounting business to a whole new level in 2013?

Coaching is an amazing way to move your business forward at a very rapid pace.  Unfortunately, coaching programs as well as masterminding are fairly rare within the accounting profession, especially among the smaller firms and solo practices.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to a complimentary webinar that will introduce you to these concepts, share how they will help you in your business, and let you know about the Accountant’s Accelerator Elite 2013 program for those who are curious.

“A Sneak Preview into the Accountant’s Accelerator Elite Coaching Program for 2013.”

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You might have heard about the Elite program from some of the 2012 members, or you might have heard me talking about my previous coaching experiences.

I am currently working with a coach who sold her business for nearly a billion dollars and currently employs 1,800 people worldwide.  She spends her time among family, charity, and her businesses, including her coaching business, where she coaches entrepreneurs from around the world.    On this webinar, you’ll hear about her and my 2010 experiences where I experienced the programs of more than six different coaches and was accepted into the membership of two high-level masterminds, one in which I paid $100,000 to join.

Just by being on the call, you’ll gain some insights as to what skills you’ll need to be developing so that you can take your current business to the next level.

If you are motivated, enthusiastic, and interested in working with me at a higher level of support, accountability, and collaboration (or just want to be a fly on the wall), then please join me on my complimentary webinar:

“A Sneak Preview into the Accountant’s Accelerator Elite Coaching Program for 2013.”

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If you want to play at a higher level in 2013, then the first step starts with you.

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