2019 Schedule

2019 Accountant’s Accelerator All-You-Can-Eat Live Webinar Series

Dates: January – Deccember 2019
CPE Hours: 32
Get all eight 2019 Live Webinar Series and stay motivated all year with new money-making ideas for your business


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Three Simple Steps to Get More Accounting & Tax Clients Overview

Dates: February 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 2019
CPE Hours: 6

Thousands of accountants have come to us for marketing help over the years. Do any of these issues sound like your situation?

    • You are starting or re-starting your business and don’t know how to get new clients in the best way possible
    • Your referrals are coming in too slow
    • The quality of clients or leads you have is very low
    • You want more challenging work
    • You want to grow your business faster and are looking for every edge
    • You want clients throughout the country because you operate in the cloud now
    • You want your phone to ring more often

If at least one of these is true for you, then you’ve found the answers. This all-new webinar series will help you get higher quality clients in the door faster and more effectively than ever before.

In this course, we’ll provide the answers to all of the above issues and how to tackle them. We’ll set expectations, build your marketing skills, and show you exactly how to spend on marketing that will get you to the goals you have for revenue and client acquisition.

And we’ll do it all in three easy steps. There is a counter-intuitive “secret” formula to marketing success, and we’ll share what it is in this course.




The Technology-Efficient Accounting Practice

Dates: May 7, 9, 14, 16, 2019
CPE Hours: 4
Nothing can impact profitability and efficiency like finding the right technology. In this series, we’ll focus on two big categories of tech: those for inside your practice to make it run smoother and those you use with your clients to get their work done.

We’ll introduce you to lists of possible apps and tech to look at for relevant functions in your business. We may spend a touch of time at the end on the future, but the bulk of this course will be about practical, tactical tech you can implement right now to impact your profitability.

You’ll learn:

        • A checklist of areas that can be automated so you can see if anything is missing in your firm
        • 40+ technology tools and apps that you can use to run your practice more efficiently and profitably
        • Which apps are hot and which ones are so-10-years-ago as well as who has merged with whom over the last year
        • Another 40+ tech tools that are either client-facing or will streamline client work
        • A peek into what’s coming for the future of accounting




Going Beyond Solo (Even If You Don’t Want Employees)

Dates: June 4, 6, 11, 13 2019
CPE Hours: 4
Are you stretched thin with the clients you have, but still want more revenue? Are you burning out doing low-quality work? Would you like to work less but earn the same or more revenue?

If so, the math is simple: you can’t do it all yourself. We all only have 24 hours in each day. But you can get smart about getting support, even if it isn’t staff. There are dozens of great new ways to “clone” yourself, get support, and/or even build a staff if you want to.

This session will present numerous options on how you can leverage your solo entrepreneur status so you can earn more, do more challenging work, and work fewer hours.

You don’t have to hire staff to accomplish these things, but for those of you who want to, we’ll also cover how to hire your first employee without losing your shirt. And if you have employees already, we’ll show you how to take your firm to the next level.

You’ll learn:

        • How to do an exercise that will show you exactly where you need additional help, no matter what your current level of support is (hint: you can repeat this exercise periodically and profit from it over and over again)
        • Dozens of ways you can be supported, and how to immediately implement these ideas
        • How to cost-justify any added support expenses
        • How to hire and train your first employee, including the mindset changes you need to go through to do this right
        • How to supervise the work without taking up too much of your time




Social Media Blueprint

Dates: July 16, 18, 23, 25, 30, 2019
CPE Hours: 5
Many accountants are getting clients via social media, and others are trying it but failing to get any results. What’s the secret sauce behind the successes? And is social media a good channel for marketing? The answer is not a simple yes or no, but the bottom line is social media can be very profitable when used correctly.

In this series, we’ll provide you with the skill and tools to develop your social media plan, plus we’ll provide sample plans to get you started fast. We’ll share the exact steps you need to do to get this channel to pay back. We’ll stick our toes in paid social and get waist deep on content. Last, we’ll share exactly how to integrate social with your other marketing channels.

We’ll provide a basic one-page guide for each social platform to catch the beginners up so we can spend the most time on intermediate and advanced social tips and techniques.

You’ll learn:

        • Which social media channels you should pay attention to, and which are passing fads.
        • Why you should invest in social, even if you’re not getting leads from it
        • What you need to do step by step in each of the main social media platforms, including how to get followers, and what to post
        • Tips and tricks and things you need to know for best results, such as Facebook response time, reviews, engagement, and more
        • How to create your own social media plan, with samples provided




Get Focused: Develop Your Accounting Business Strategy

Dates: September 10, 12, 17, 19, 2019
CPE Hours: 4
When we first start our businesses, we are still learning how to be successful. We can often “wing it” and in a profession like ours where everyone needs us, it’s easy to reach success without much structure.

If you are at the point of your business where you’ve let it grow organically without a lot of thought to what you really want, it may be time to stop and evaluate your current situation. What do you really want to be doing?

For long-term success and happiness, entrepreneurs need to move from reactive to proactive. If they don’t, they lack focus and direction and can end up with a business that makes them less than satisfied.

The answer is to develop a strategy. This helps us match the firm’s mission, vision, values, and plan with our personal journey so that they are in sync.

        • The components and steps to developing a strategy for your business
        • How to create a core plan for your business that won’t sit on any shelf and won’t be longer than a couple of pages
        • How to change course if your business is off-track




Fifty+ Ways to Power Up Your Accounting Profits

Dates: September 24, 29, 2019
CPE Hours: 2
This fast-paced series is designed to provide you with 50-100 tactical, easy-to-implement ideas that will increase your firm’s profitability, save you time, and lower your business risk. The tips will cover areas of time management, risk management, process improvement, revenue analysis, pricing, proactive measures, and stuff you might not have thought about.

        • More than 50 quick ideas to put into practice in your business
        • At least 5 ways to reduce your business risk
        • 10+ quick things to do to boost profits this time of year and into tax season
        • 5 ideas to save time and increase your productivity




Pricing Boot Camp

Dates: November 12, 14, 19, 21, 2019
CPE Hours: 4
The best way to make more with no extra effort is to raise your price. If you feel you can’t, then there are things you need to do to increase your value. This can be as easy as using different words during your sales calls, or as hard as adapting your service to add more value.

In this course, we’ll review the major pricing techniques most firms use, and we’ll spend some time showing you the steps to switch from one to another. We’ll help you through an exercise you can do to list all the ways you add value to your clients. We’ll show you how you can find your uniqueness so you can position your firm differently in the marketplace compared to your competitors. You’ll learn:

        • How to differentiate yourself from other accounting firms so you will get noticed
        • Several pricing methods companies use to price their products and services, which three are most used in accounting and tax
        • How to communicate your value to clients so you don’t get as much price resistance
        • How to move, step by step, from hourly pricing to fixed fee pricing
        • How to move, step by step, from fixed fee pricing to value pricing
        • A dabble into negotiation and estimating skills which become important advanced skills to master




Practice Management Mastery

Dates: December 10-12, 2019
CPE Hours: 3
Learn how to boost your internal profit margins and maximize your time. The wealthiest business owners have every task in their companies documented, organized, systematized, and optimized. Do you? This is one of those sessions you may not want, but that you need (trust us), and we’ll show you how to make it as painless as possible.

        • List at least three benefits of creating procedures
        • Name two examples of how a process can be improved once it’s documented
        • Identify the components of a well-written procedure
        • List three checklists you can begin to develop for your business
        • Name the one technique you can do over and over again to win the time wars
        • List two ideas about where to look for productivity improvements