Josh Wilking, CPA

“The results have already exceeded my expectations, and I feel like the momentum is just starting to build. For me, this was not only about growing my revenue. It was about bringing in the right kind of client and learning to say no to the wrong kind. When I first came to you, I was burnt out. I felt like work had taken over every aspect of my life. I was working too much and billing too little. My wife and I had a baby on the way and we knew that without some changes, it was not going to work. Signing up for your program was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. You’ve helped me to target my marketing efforts at the businesses that I truly enjoy working with, and given me the confidence to move on from the clients that are a bad fit. All in all, I’m now working less, enjoying it more, and as if that wasn’t great enough, I’m even making more money. I can finally say that I’m in control of this practice, and I’ve never been so optimistic about the future. I would enthusiastically recommend you and your program to any accountant out there, whether they’re just getting started, or like me, want to reboot an established practice.”