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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are not an average. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

“I wish I had known you before I met the person who did my old Web site!” — Tim Manson, President, Innovative Horizons, Killeen, TX

“Sandi is a real pro. Smart and on your side. Let her clean up your Web site or build you a new one that makes sense and gets business. And, you’ll love working with her. It was money well spent for me. She turned the Web site from informative to persuasive. I am getting an average of one prospect a day writing me for business.” – Ken Bradford, The Leaders Course®, Dallas, TX

“I made 10 times my investment in my Web site that Sandi designed. In 6 months. Sandi Smith has been a dream to work with. Her skills and understanding of what makes a great Web site are fantastic. But most important is the way she works with you to help you design YOUR Web site; not HER version of your Web site. She gets to know you, your work, and makes suggestions. She goes the extra mile. I recommend her very highly and without hesitation.” — Tim Durkin, President, Seneca Leadership Programs, Dallas, TX

“Your Web site design work has helped me find new accounts. My business has started to move in the last few days. I used the graphic you selected for the Web site on my business cards, which people like very much. You have done a great job! I have referred you.” — Florence Walton, EyeHelp Consulting, Dallas, TX

“I can’t tell you how impressed people have been with my Web site. They mention “professional,” “clear,” “attractive,” among other things. And yet it’s more than Web site design. I was amazed how easily your solved my spam problem. I went from over 3,000 emails a day to about 30. It is such a relief!! And your assistance is steady and informed. You knew exactly what I wanted when I was struggling with distance email networking. Your turnaround time is superb for a multitasker like me — I don’t know I need help until I need the solution five minutes ago! Thanks for being there.” – K.T. Connor, Ph.D., K.T. Connor Associates, LLC, St. Simons Island, GA

“I’m thrilled. You injected new life into the whole Web site, not to mention designing in $-makers all over the place.” – Deborah Morris, author Real Kids Real AdventuresTM book and TV series, Garland, TX

“Sandi delivered a creative Web site that projected a professional image to my customers and stakeholders. She did a great job of managing the project to completion and had all of the resources to “make it happen”. Sandi is great to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for turnkey Business Web Site Design!” — Tim Wackel, President, The Wackel Group, Dallas, TX

“At the time, we were a new business that needed a fast and cost-effective means towards getting our message out to the Web. At the same time, we were not willing to sacrifice quality for speed & price, as it would reflect poorly on our organization. Sandi took the time to understand our business by asking good, insightful questions and more importantly by listening to our needs. We are now in the process of having her take our Web site to the next level, as well as some other marketing initiatives, Sandi definitely understands our motto of Better, Faster, Smarter” – Denny Pelham, The Comb Group, Dallas, TX

“As an entrepreneur and founder of four service-oriented companies, I am increasingly aware of how rarely I experience the kind of service that I give my customers. However, Sandi has continually impressed me with her professionalism, consistency, and commitment. She is extremely easy to work with and doesn’t settle for anything less than 100%. I’m happy to say that she provided Entrepreneurial Adventures with a great value for money well spent.” – Carol Frank, Entrepreneurial Adventures, Dallas, TX

“‘sandismith’ Web Site Design was just what I wanted! I needed a presence on the Web that was both quickly done, memorable, and functional for my future clients. I have many comments back to me that people are very appreciative of the ease of use and contents. Sandi was very helpful in setting the Web site up and continues to be a great resource when I need more.” – Bill Parker, 2 Transform Business, Garland, TX

“Thank you so much for being my coveted coach & mentor in helping me build my website and growing my business. What you have helped me accomplish in just 30 days, would have taken me at least 6 months. I always feel rejuvenated and on-fire after talking with you. I love working with you and look forward to our continued business relationship!!” — Renee Preis, CEO, Renee Preis International, LLC

“You all are simply “A Godsend”!” – Brian Royster

“Sandi helped us convert our content to a professional format for the Web. She presented us with numerous options throughout the design of our Web site. We were able to select a layout that gave us a crisp clean business look. She developed the Web site very quickly, offering a fast turnaround so that we could meet our tight deadline for our conference events. She even answered weekend calls in December.” — Jan Lohmann, Instructional Geography Systems, LLC, Plano, TX

“Thank you Sandi for designing such a comprehensive website that is easy to maneuver. I have already had some sales and many compliments from my peers. You are an excellent writer and I feel so proud to refer prospective clients to my sight. You are a true pro at what you do and I will be happy to recommend you to others.” – Barbara Ashbaugh, President/CEO, Trade Secrets

“I learned some tremendously powerful skills for connecting with my well-being and with relationships.” Mardy N.

“So insightful. I learned so much in 3 hours and I can’t wait to implement your ideas at home and work.” Veronica Thomison

“…Well worth the time and money. Sandi not only gave us a lot of information, based on the latest scientific findings, she also had ‘toys’ to help us remember all that she taught us during the class. There are many ‘take aways’ that I continue to rely on and remember.” Patty Mayeux, author of Beautiful Women — Like You and Me

Energizing, inspiring, and insightful. I left with practical suggestions I could implement immediately.” Linda Howard, Director of Marketing, Salmon, Sims, Thomas & Associates.

“..Enlightening. Her insight has given me the tools to make some growth-conducive changes in the near future. I am now on the ‘back roads’ to success.” Patrick Washington

“Great topic and speaker. Innovative and interesting. Most relevant to my business was her outside the box thinking about workplace considerations and self-observation.” National Association of Women Business Owners workshop participant

“I found Sandi’s high performance management series to be nothing short of revolutionary. She talks theory, research, and clinical studies and shows you how to apply it to your work life and home life. This class is worth much more than it costs… really you can’t put a price tag on it.Mark Craig, Business Support Manager, BancTec

Truly mind-altering and behavior-awakening. Saying “you’re right” to people will be a great improvement in my management style.” L. G. Swift, City of Fort Worth

“I feel like the universe offered me a wonderful opportunity to meet you, and I’m so glad you’ve been kind enough to share this work with us.” Judy Dugan, Co-Owner, Jumping Cracker Beans

“Thank you for a wonderful, mind expanding seminar. Afterwards, several of us enjoyed discussing points you explored and how we can open our minds to more and better possibilities.” Beverly Houston, Texola Music

Great! Even if you don’t manage people, we have to get along with others and co-exist hopefully in a more positive environment. Understanding the physiological aspects of our bodies to help succeed in changing behavior was most relevant to my business.” Pam Best

“Sandi is both completely engaging and incredibly bright. Her creativity just seeps into every encounter. I like to just listen to her conversations because I always walk away with really good ideas that are easily implementable.” Lin O’Neill, Futures Consulting

“Of all the things you discussed (which were all very good), what made a difference was the way you explained taking tasks one at a time and not thinking of them all at once. The other was how people affect others and not taking things personally.” Donna Boggs, Associate Director, California Grain and Feed Association

“Most interesting to me were the ways to reward and motivate people at little or no cost.” Gail Coates

“I love this presentation because of the customization. Sandi ensures everyone can relate to the information regardless of their field of work. I have truly implemented several of the ideas and theories presented and my daily work life (and personal life) have significantly become more positive. As a leader, I have to have positive energy to share with my employees – to get the positive energy from them.” Silvia Valdespino, Sales Manager, Macy’s

“I liked how down-to-earth Sandi was — the real life examples are great. She was passionate concerning the topics she covered. Took everyone’s questions seriously. She seemed tuned into today’s business world and gave real life answers and options to current business questions and issues.” Treavor L. Mellott, Sr. Quality Analyst, Neiman Marcus Group

“I really liked learning about developing areas of the mind, and maintaining relationships using the Gottman ratio, which I found to be very helpful in interacting with my band in which criticism is always present.” Brendan Dugan

“The material on Generation Y and X was most relevant to our workplace. We are currently dealing with these issues.” National Association of Women Business Owners member

“Absolutely one of the most enlightening and applicable seminars I have attended in some time. Loved it! The correlation and application of personal happiness techniques to employers in the workplace was most relevant to my business.” Cheryl Dunlop

“Most relevant to my business was the help in building morale in my office.” National Association of Women Business Owners workshop participant

“Sandi’s session is elegantly simple, eminently practical and fascinating. I can’t remember spending two more useful hours in a class setting.” T. Durkin

“It made a difference that I learned I have control of my emotions and to look past the problems to a positive side and positive things in my life. I feel more powerful and confident over my feelings to the point where I don’t need to be self-conscious interacting with new people because I know I won’t be nearly as affected with how people view me, and whether it is positive or negative.” Allison Dugan, student

“I enjoyed the mix of examples and exercises. The handouts were informative. The toys and food were good! I thoroughly enjoyed it and could tell that others did, as well.” Richard

“I loved the fact that you put everything in real life.Kenneth, supervisor for a high-end motor home manufacturer

“The presentation helped me focus on what I want to do, to work for, and focus more on what gets me there. It made all the difference on how I view priorities now and I would readily give the advice on life management and happiness to all my friends and family. Danielle Schmidt, student

“This was an interesting class and would be worthwhile to learning organizations interested in becoming a high performance organization.” Mae Frances Leach, Ph.D.

“I enjoyed the technical information about the brain and the studies – I would share this information with others. There was a lot of useful information.” Diane Wheatley, Pilates and Yoga Instructor

“I liked the ease in which you fed our curiosity on the brain and insights.” Richard Ellis

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your passion. Your presentation has been absolutely all it need be!” Connie Miksits, Reiki Master Teacher

“I especially enjoyed the practical things and facts. I appreciate the handouts.” Workshop participant

“… Really helpful. I can definitely see this working well for me in situations which are emotionally exhausting. “Energy cords” had so much meaning for what I have been feeling lately about certain unfinished tasks. This completely explained it to me. Thank you!!” Nimisha Calien-Kalyan

“Lots of wonderful information about how to change what doesn’t work to what does. I thought the handouts were extremely good resources and I will look up some of the books listed. I will use these exercises and info for years to come. Thank you. It was fun to be in class with the teens and friends.” Laura Green, musician/composer

“I really liked the guided meditations — they were new to me and I’m always looking for something new.” Marie Georgopulos

“I enjoyed the entire presentation – sequence and contents. The concept compliments my philosophy on life. Sandi offers incredible tools for an empowering life. The most empowering tool I found during the workshop was making a gratitude list — it yielded immediate results for me. It’s a program/workshop that will benefit everyone — any walk of life.” Lillian Schmidt, CMT

“The information on relationships was interesting. I will work on this in my own relationships and share this with others.” Workshop participant

Great handouts. Good references.” Carolyn

“Great info well presented. Well documented. Really Liked Gottman’s ratio and social circles. Sorry to see class end. Loved the tools.” Julie Alexander, Great Days

Good info, insights, handouts with footnotes and credits. The fast moving pace was enjoyable. Thomas Terlikowski, Positive Touch

“Very professional yet engaging. Great ideas and very helpful.” Tricia Toole, I Design

“You make the subject which for me is mind-boggling easy to understand and fun. Love the interaction. Deanna Frazier, University of Dating

“What a wealth of information – easy to grasp and rich with content.” Roy Davis, Davis Success Solutions

“Excellent info, enjoyed the talk, terrific product info.” Terry Touchstone, Touchstone Real Estate

“I liked the involvement with the group. I loved the “personal” experiences. I am glad it was personal. I appreciated all the examples.” Elizabeth Berger, Owner, Me Time Massage

“Great story – personal and exciting.” – Otto G. Wagenbach, VP, Wachovia Securities

“Tip #5 and #6 were worth $1000 each. This insider information will help me develop a great web site the first time.” Shannon Hills

“Excellent advice. Sandi knows how to create optimum web sites and explains it all so easily. It was a great use of two hours. I learned a lot.” Steve Thomas, SPT Enterprises

“Excellent. Right on target! Loved and agreed with all of it.” G. Bivona

“Very professional yet engaging. Great ideas and very helpful.” Tricia Toole, I Design

“You make the subject which for me is mind-boggling easy to understand and fun. Love the interaction. Deanna Frazier, University of Dating

“What a wealth of information – easy to grasp and rich with content.” Roy Davis, Davis Success Solutions

“Excellent info, enjoyed the talk, terrific product info.” Terry Touchstone, Touchstone Real Estate

“I liked the involvement with the group. I loved the “personal” experiences. I am glad it was personal. I appreciated all the examples.” Elizabeth Berger, Owner, Me Time Massage

“Very informative – learned a lot about physiology and where happiness resides.Max Jaffe, President, Spending Solutions, Inc.

Very personal and interesting. Great presentation.” – Martha M. Keathen

“I really liked the description… it truly does take you there. I had never thought about what you said. I will definitely think about this on my next risk or problem. You opened my mind a bit wider. Thanks!” – Sagrario Ortiz, Office Manager/Agent, Farmers Insurance

“The biggest risk is not to take any. As I am forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone, and stop working for other and build my own practice, your message struck home. There are only two emotions that rule men; fear and love.” – Laurent Pelletier

“Sandi Smith took us around the world in a small plane – in less than an hour. I’d love to take that trip again!” – Sue Ann Flory, Speaker in Christian Ministry

“Sandi builds her story with drama and anticipation so the audience listens intently, careful not to miss a word. There is too much excitement, too much tension. You don’t know where it’s going – and when you get there. You are so glad you made the trip with her.” – Dave Lieber, Columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“I was mesmerized by Sandi’s presentation, her sincerity and passion, her caring about fear vs. comfort. Her original stories kept me hooked.” – Bev Harris, Certified Laughter Leader

“Liked the candid open presentation seasoned well with humor and humility. Very interesting trip with lots of exciting experiences.” – Bill Hooten, Pilot, Tri Incorporated

“I thought Sandi was very interesting. Listening to her story really motivates you. Doing something like she did is almost unbelievable – but it makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.” – Christie Cooper, State Farm Insurance

“The opening or mental visualization was wonderful. Really enjoyed your smile and enthusiasm is very contagious.” – Tracy Underhill

“That sounds like an amazing journey!! I am taking away that this, more than anything, was a personal learning experience learning more about yourself because you put yourself out there!! The only way to learn about yourself is to put yourself out there.” – Gisel Cross, State Farm

“Enjoyed the photos. Very inspirational for all women to aspire to. Thank you for your courage!” – Lynell Boone, BL and Associates

“I loved how it was applied to lessons that will help in our business practices. The stories and examples were unique and interesting.” – Suzanne Berger, State Farm

“In our long history, you are the only one who was NOT forced to take a break! I’m impressed!” – Norman Seaton, CFI

“What a great story – you kept me “glued” to your every word. The lesson you tied to RPM will help me to remember the lessons of life. I wish you had had more time. I will be looking forward to your next adventure.” – Joci James, About Choice Coaching

“Made it applicable to real life.” – Audience member of women’s group

“Great trip – such courage and commitment.” – Deborah Harris, Sales Rep, State Farm

“I liked the comparison to Amelia’s trip. I liked your personal touch to the presentation. RPM, Risk, Passion, Mastery was a great key point and enjoyed it very much.” – Anne Goodman, Branch Leader, Longaberger Co.

“I learned new things in regards to different countries and different rules/regulations from other areas.” – Martha Balleza, State Farm, Aaron Toews Agency

“Excellent Speech! Thank you for packaging it in a story format. Very inspiring!” – Ellen Hays, Adjunct Professor, Northwood University

As an author and the daughter of a WWII Women’s Airforce Service Pilot (WASP), I could imagine my Mother winging her way around the globe with Sandi. A fun, easy read and one that requires no instrument rating! – Eileen McDargh, author of The Resilient Spirit, and daughter of Mary Burchard (WASP 44-6)

“Sandi is an excellent writer. You’ll be inspired by this compelling adventure that takes you around the world and exposes you to the freedom and excitement that flying has to offer.” – Patty Wagstaff, the first woman three-time U.S. National Aerobatic Champion and National Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee

“Many people dream of traveling around the world, but very, very few actually do it. Sandi and her traveling companion, Jay, not only travel around the world, but they do it in their own plane. Jay is an eye surgeon who volunteers his services in the most exotic of locations. Sandi is his co-pilot who teaches computer skills to people who have never even heard of data processing. These are two people who truly make the world a better place. And through it all, Sandi was able to take meticulous notes of their trip so that she could share their journey with the rest of us in this wonderful book. This book is much more than just another travel log – it’s real, true life, adventure. Sandi and Jay battle everything from bureaucratic swindlers to mechanical failures to bad weather, and the reader can’t wait to turn the page to see what happens next. So get out your world atlas (you’ll need it), settle down in your favorite chair, and prepare to read a story that you’ll never forget. – John R. Daniel

“Thank you so much for the book! I’m not an ardent reader but your book was difficult to put down. Maybe because I used to fly or maybe because of the adventure you described, or maybe because I know you (I thought), whatever the reason I was spellbound. Congratulations, and write some more.” – Ken Murphy, Ken Murphy Associates, Inc.

“I had no idea how many obstacles could pop up on a round the world flight. I had no idea that so few women had mastered this. I applaud Sandi and her courage to circumnavigate the globe in a very small airplane with lots of problems no one could have foreseen. She makes me want to stretch my goals and see what happens when I get out of my comfort zone. A great read.” – Melody Stanford

“Many thanks for sharing your book with me. I have read it with great interest. The story of Amelia Earhart and your arrival into Hawaii reminded me of my venture to the cemetery where Charles Lindbergh was buried on Maui and his memorial just down the coast from Hana.” – Frank McLaughlin

“The author’s flight around the world is not only inspiring – her story is entertaining! I found myself looking forward to each port of call, and wondering what adventure she would brave next. I could never do what Sandi Smith did, but it was certainly inspiring to read. It made me examine my own life, and approach my challenges with the same vigor that Ms. Smith did her ’round-the-world trip. This book earns my highest recommendation!” – Mitchel L. Whitington

Fabulous, adventurous, and inspiring….wow!! That’s a lot…loved your book…couldn’t put it down once I started it…the reader felt just like they were taking this great adventurous trip with you.” – Epi Renteria

“Amelia Earhart’s trip around the world finished in tragedy, but Sandi Smith (with pilot Jay Merten) became one of the few women in history to go around the world copiloting a single engine airplane with less horsepower than a Mustang GT. When flying a small plane, three strikes and you’re out becomes three strikes and you’re dead, and I’m amazed how often Smith and Merten made it safely through two strikes. And who knew the biggest danger for world trotting pilots were the bureacrats demanding paper and visas and forms and fees every step of the way? This is a fun read with details from places around the world I’ll never go, and in fact some of which I’ve never even heard of. But the hard work and perseverance shown by Smith should inspire every young person who despairs of getting stuck in a boring life in a boring town. If you want excitement and adventure, like Smith did, you can have plenty. All it takes is determination, hard work, some luck, and more work and determination. This book is now on my teenage daughter’s nightstand, and she won’t give it back.” – James E. Gaskin

“Excellent and interesting. Extremely articulate, informed.I’d recommend her highly as a speaker for any group!” -F.D.”Great! WOW! Excellent! (in case that wasn’t clear). Very enjoyable and knowledgeable speaker. Practical information. Thank you again for your help in putting on a fabulous weekend seminar.” -H.O.

“Very worthwhile. Who couldn’t have learned something from sessions like Sandi Smith’s. Especially with all her experience in the area.” –M.C.

“Great content! Really useful information.” Beverly Wright, Business Unit Executive Coach, IBM & President & Owner, Wright Choice Group

“I liked your intimate conversational way of delivering your message getting a ton of information to us specifying how we as coaches can navigate the maze of the techies – especially for us newbies.” Joci James, About Choice Coaching

“Excellent, up-to-date, practical information. Terrific, sensible tips.” Russ Yaquinto, President, The Change Connection

“Your critique of my web site is excellent and doable – motivates me to make changes. Good speaking style which includes the audience. A lot of information that I did not know.” Mary Alice Hurd, Hurd Consultants

“I just loved the information on the blogs. I want to stay up with what is cool and happening.” Joanna Rodriguez, DreamLife Coaching & Hypnosis

“Loved the feedback on my site. It’s so valuable to have a fresh view.” Teresa Pool, Transitions for Life

“As a coach reentering ICF (International Coaches Federation) and coaching, you were exactly what I needed to bring me back into the center of coaching.” Cherry O. Haymes, Coda Coaching

“You have a wonderful way of clarifying issues and outlining courses of action people should consider.” A. S., Seattle, WA

Makes the difficult simple and easier to learn.” -J.K.

“Bring this instructor back.” -T.A.

“Excellent seminar, knowledgeable and entertaining presenter. This gave me everything I hoped for.” – D.O.

“Your presentation was informative and helpful. It seemed very well planned out and researched. Your presentation skills are excellent – making sure people understood, repeating questions, voice volume good, etc. I am goign to share your handout with our webmaster. I would recommend you to others who need to know basics about how to market their web site.” – TSAE attendee, Austin, TX

“Your personal knowledge and ability to impart that to us made a difference.” -J.T.

“Extremely knowledgeable. Keeps things moving. A lot of valuable tips on web sites for future reference. Sandi’s presentation is one of the most useful blocks of continuing education hours that I have had in years.” Jim Mobley, CPA, President, Lott, Vernon Company, PC.

“Very knowledgeable in subject matter – keeps program moving and instills participant discussions very easily.” Marion L. Shilling, CPA, Arms Jeffers & Co., Tyler, TX

“Excellent presentation! Information was right on target for our needs. I was impressed with the ability to tune in and identify with your audience. Enjoyed and benefited very much.” Ed Hopkins, Partner, Gaskill, Pharis & Pharis LLP

Right on point – a good differentiation between large and small businesses. Great notebook – it will be a good reference.” Robert Arms, CPA, President, Arms, Jeffers & Co., PC

Makes us think about what we’re doing and what we ought to be doing. My second time to attend your training and I’m already looking forward to your third.” Rick Lindsey, CPA/ABV, Grier, Reeves & Lawley, PC

“The handouts are great. Your presentation was eye and ear catcher. Thanks for doing a great job. Will be sharing with other folks in our organization that will benefit our group.” – K.G., PHM National Sales Manager

“Thank you for sharing many hours of your research findings.” — T.D.

“Brought out ideas and new problems that I haven’t considered.” -A.A.

“Thanks for the on-target, up-to-date subject matter.” -K.P.

“Presentation style made a difference. Sort of casual but to the point and obviously full of expert advice.” –R.L.

GREATNESS: Sandi Smith!!” D.H., Granbury, TX

Loved the list of do’s and don’ts on what’s hot and what’s not. This was exactly the information I needed to successfully promote my upcoming meeting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – TSAE attendee, Austin, TX

“My only regret is not having taken the course sooner.” -C.S.

Eye-opening.” -B.B.

“I liked your enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and the fact that we could ask specific questions which applied to our businesses.” -M.F.

“The information you provided was excellent. I know your segment will add value for our listeners, and I know we’ll want to invite you back again at some future date.” -E.H.

“I am going to recommend that my upper level staff and partners attend…” J G, North Carolina

“I hope to attend more of your classes!” -D.J.

Friendly delivery style.” -P.S.

“Nice mix of humor with details and facts” –L.T.

“Your pace was timely and the program flowed smoothly. Although comments or questions may have arised, you answered them and moved on to the next segment. Good information, excellent tips.” – K.D., Manager & Sales, Sunday House Inn/Holiday Inn Express

“My comfort level has greatly improved.” -T.L.

“You were a definite hit” C. A. S., Dallas, TX

“This was a good and informative class. I’m able to use this right away.” – TSAE attendee, Austin, TX

“Learned a lot. Got me excited…” A. H., Dallas, TX

“Sandi Smith’s website talk was great.” L.B., Irving, TX

“Very informative and well presented.” – G.P.

“Thank you for your significant contribution in making the conference a success.” -W.L.

“Thank you for helping make our seminar a hit. We were rewarded by your time and effort. You can take pride in having been a part of a very successful program and knowing the participants benefited from your knowledge and expertise. You did a great job.” -S.T.

“I read your article, “Competing in the Big Leagues: Professionalize Your Home-Based Business,” in the Intuit email letter last week. I would like to thank you for your advice and recommendations.” -J.P., Stamford, CT

“Great articles and letters.” -J.F., Eastchester, N.Y.

“Thanks for contributing to this newsletter, I enjoyed reading your articles. With regards to your article My Favorite Web Tools – great minds think alike! I personally subscribe to BigZoo, Google, and Netflix!” -D.M.

I truly enjoyed your article, “Making the Virtual Close a Reality.” -D.B.

“Thank you for one of the better articles in the Journal of Accountancy about using systems in CPA firms. It’s nice to know that there is someone “singing the same song” – I agree with your concepts! Thanks!” -L.W.

Your book has been very helpful. I have used the PowerPoint presentation for executives at a local bank with great success. -D.R.

“I read your article in the May 1997 issue of Journal of Accountancy and I couldn’t agree with you more. Everything you said in the article is so true!! …At my last place of employment I rebuilt their network using “The Smart Way to Invest in Computers.” …the network almost ran by itself. There was little maintenance and the staff became well trained. …You did a very nice job writing your article. -J.F.

“We have your book…, which has been a great help.” –K.A., Florida

“I enjoyed the “Ponder These 13 Potential Pitfalls….” article. The points Sandi makes are right on. -M.S.

“Easy to read/understand, up to date information, very detailed, one of the most informative publications of the AICPA.” — Bryan L. Wilton, CPA, Consulting Manager

“Excellent Document. Very readable for a non-technical person.” — A CPA in Pennsylvania.

“Was practical — gave info about what was happening in this area now.” — Paul Roth-Roffy, Tax Partner

“Your articles about spam are good.” -L.R., San Jose, CA

“Everyone involved in getting the book out kept asking me when the next installment was due. They couldn’t wait to find out what the next chapter said.” — Murray Schwartzberg, Technical Manager, Professional Publications, AICPA

“I know quite a bit about technology, or so I thought until I read this book. It’s informative for the novice as well as for the experienced techno-geek!” — Nancy Cohen, Technical Manager, AICPA

“I have read several … pieces written by you over the past few years, including your book: “Top 10 Technologies”, and I really like what you do and your style…” -L.K.

Insight into what’s coming in the future.” — A reader in Arkansas

“I just need to let you know that I have been enjoying your articles, and planning on making the best use of them. It is very refreshing to know that there is a real CPA out there doing what “we” all for some reason conveniently ignore doing, and that is: taking care of the ones that put food on our tables. Just a sign of appreciation.” -C.R.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are not an average. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.