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Mindset, Time and Energy Toolkit for Accountants

Do you wonder where the day goes while still having so much more you need to accomplish?

Do you want to work less while making more money?

Do you want to master the soft skills that will make all the difference in your entrepreneurial journey?

Do you want to reduce your stress level and gain more energy?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’re in the perfect place to learn about our Mindset, Time and Energy Toolkit. It’s for accountants and tax professionals in small practices who want to learn how to optimize their time, energy, and mindset for greater success in their businesses.

The Mindset, Time and Energy Toolkit consists of three major sections:

  • Time management with several videos and audios, including our perennial favorite, On Millionaire Time.
  • Energy management and stress reduction
  • Mindset, which includes these courses:
    • Extraordinary Leadership
    • Going Beyond Solo
    • Get Focused: Develop Your Strategy
    • How to Help Your Small Business Clients During the Pandemic

You’ll have unlimited access to all of the materials in the Mindset, Time and Energy Toolkit through December 31, 2021, and a chance at year-end to renew at a reduced rate.

Smart entrepreneurs recognize that the main thing holding them back from success is themselves. Only by learning the critical skills of time management, mindset, and energy management can you truly move ahead and achieve what you were born to.

It’s time to give yourself permission to invest in yourself. Join thousands of CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers who have benefit from the program before you.