Why 2017 Is the Year of The Accountant

avalaraaccountantmovieAccountants have finally arrived.  This upcoming tax season and year-end should be the best you ever have in your career.  Here’s why.

I got my CPA in 1980.  (Yes, I was three years old.)  A few years later, in 1984, a movie came out that had a character that was an accountant.  Played by the excellent actor Rick Moranis, this accountant was a slimy, gossipy, short, bald stereotype that was not pretty for the profession.  The movie was Ghostbusters.

I have suffered for 32 years with that stereotype, and you might have, too.  Do you have clients who don’t make their document deadlines?  Who don’t value your time?  Who don’t pay their bills?

Well, that can all stop in 2017.  Here’s why.

In 2016, the movie The Accountant came out.  The character who is an accountant is played by Ben Affleck.  He is tall, good-looking, brilliant, and competent.  There’s even a beautiful female co-star, Anna Kendrick.

Not only is the accountant good-looking and competent, he is armed and deadly.  Since he works for many mafia and mob-like clients, he is skilled in the art of respect and survival.

After 32 years of suffering, there is hope.  In 2017 when the 2016 tax season starts, our stereotype can finally change.  I recommend you send out movie passes to The Accountant along with your tax organizers.

Now when your clients don’t make their deadlines, don’t pay their bills, or don’t value your time, just remind them of the new stereotype of the accountant.

Have a wonderful year-end and busy season.